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7-Point Grading System University Of Ibadan (2024)


Are you planning to pursue higher education in Nigerian universities but finding the grading system confusing? Don't worry; this blog post is here to be your comprehensive guide, breaking down the grading systems adopted by Nigerian universities in 2024.

Navigating the Maze of Grading Systems: In the ever-evolving landscape, some universities, like UI, have embraced a standardized 5-point system, while others, such as OAU, maintain a mixed approach. Let's delve into the common grading systems:

1. 5-point Scale:

  • A = 70-100% (5 points)
  • B = 60-69% (4 points)
  • C = 50-59% (3 points)
  • F = Below 50% (0 points)

2. 7-point Scale:

  • Utilizes the same letter grades but expands the range, potentially with different grade point assignments.

Interpretations and Classifications: Even within the same system, interpretations and classifications may vary. For instance, some universities grant "Distinction" for grades above 75%, while others set the bar at 80%. Similarly, what qualifies as a "Pass" can differ, with one university requiring 50% and another 55%.


Q: What happened to the 7-point system at UI? A: UI transitioned to a 5-point system in 2017 to align with national and international standards.

Q: Is one grading system better than another? A: Each system has its own pros and cons. The key is to understand the specific system used by your university and program to interpret your academic performance accurately.

Q: How can I convert grades between different systems? A: Converting grades between systems isn't always straightforward due to varying interpretations. Consult your university's guidelines or academic advisor for accurate conversions.

Q: Does my high school grading system matter in college? A: While universities focus primarily on your university-level grades, high school grades may be considered during the admission process.

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