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How To Calculate CGPA In University Of Ibadan (2024)


The University of Ibadan (UI), often called the "Premier University," stands tall as a hub of academic excellence in Nigeria. For UI students, mastering the art of calculating your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is a key element in tracking your academic journey.

Understanding Grades & Grading System: UI uses a 4-point grading system, assigning numerical values to letter grades:

  • A – 7.00 (Excellent)
  • B – 6.00 (Very Good)
  • C – 5.00 (Good)
  • D – 4.00 (Pass)
  • E – 0.00 (Fail)

Additionally, UI follows a semester system, splitting the academic year into two semesters. Each semester, you enroll in courses with specific credit unit values.

Calculating Weighted Grade Point (WGP): To find your WGP, multiply your grade point by the credit unit for each course and sum the results for all courses in a semester. For instance, if you score an A (7.00) in a 3-unit course, your WGP is 7.00 x 3 = 21.00.

Calculating Semester GPA (SGPA): Sum your WGP for all courses in a semester and divide by the total credit units for that semester. For example, if your total WGP is 126.00 for 18 credit units, your SGPA is 126.00 / 18 = 7.00.

Calculating Cumulative GPA (CGPA): Your CGPA reflects your overall performance. Calculate SGPA for each completed semester, sum them, and divide by the total semesters. For instance, after two semesters with SGPA 7.00 each, your CGPA is (7.00 + 7.00) / 2 = 7.00.

Additional Notes:

  • Familiarize yourself with UI's regulations on minimum CGPA for good standing, scholarships, and graduation.
  • UI offers online tools, like the "My Results" section in the student portal, for CGPA calculation.
  • If you face challenges or have questions, don't hesitate to seek assistance.

FAQs: Q: How do I access my student portal for CGPA calculation? A: Log in to your student portal and navigate to the "My Results" section.

Q: What is the minimum CGPA for good standing at UI? A: Refer to UI's regulations for specific information on minimum CGPA requirements.

Q: How often should I calculate my CGPA? A: It's advisable to calculate your CGPA at the end of each semester to monitor your academic progress.

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