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How To Calculate Unilag O-Level Points (2024)


For many Nigerian students, getting into the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag) is a big dream. Known for its top-notch academics and vibrant campus life, Unilag attracts bright minds from across the country. If you're eyeing a spot for the 2024/2025 academic session, understanding how to calculate your O-Level points is crucial for assessing your chances and planning your application strategy.

Unilag: Established in 1962, Unilag offers a diverse range of undergraduate programs spanning 13 faculties, from Medicine and Law to Engineering and Mass Communication.

Admission Criteria: Unilag's admission process is highly competitive, considering three main factors:

  1. JAMB UTME Score: Your performance in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME exam forms the foundation of your application. Scoring well in relevant UTME subjects is crucial.

  2. Post-UTME Score: Unilag conducts its own Post-UTME screening test to further assess your suitability for their programs. A good performance in this test enhances your chances of admission.

  3. O-Level Result: Your O-Level results contribute 20% to your overall score. Understanding how to calculate O-Level points is vital for maximizing this component.

Calculating Unilag O-Level Points: Unilag assigns points to O-Level grades based on performance, ranging from 4 points for A1 to 2 points for C6. Here's the breakdown:

  • A1: 4
  • B2: 3.6
  • B3: 3.2
  • C4: 2.8
  • C5: 2.4
  • C6: 2

Calculation Steps:

  1. Identify required O-Level subjects for your program.
  2. Assign points to grades in required subjects using the table.
  3. Sum points for all required subjects to get your total O-Level score.
  4. Divide the total by the number of required subjects for the average O-Level score (contributes 20% to overall aggregate).

Tips for Maximizing O-Level Points:

  • Aim for the highest grades; even a slight improvement can significantly boost points.
  • Pass all required subjects in one sitting, as Unilag prioritizes such candidates.
  • Choose relevant elective subjects; some programs may emphasize specific electives.


  1. What if I don't pass all required subjects in one sitting?

    • It's advisable to aim for passing all subjects in one attempt, but exceptions may apply. Contact Unilag's admission office for specific cases.
  2. Can I retake my O-Level exams to improve my points?

    • Generally, Unilag considers results from one sitting. It's crucial to aim for the best grades in your initial attempt.

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