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JAMB Subject Combination For Criminology


Studying criminology in Nigeria provides a distinctive and enriching experience, delving into the understanding of crime, its root causes, and its profound impact on society.

JAMB Subject Combination: Building a Solid Foundation

Compulsory: English Language: A strong communication foundation is crucial for comprehending intricate criminological concepts.

Core Subjects: Economics: Grasping economic factors influencing crime is pivotal. Mathematics: Data analysis and statistics are indispensable tools in criminological research. One of the following:

  • Government: Unraveling the role of legal and political systems in crime and justice.
  • History: Investigating past trends and societal structures shaping crime patterns.
  • Geography: Understanding the spatial distribution of crime and its social-environmental linkages.
  • Literature-in-English: Critically analyzing social realities and human behavior.
  • French: Expanding research and career opportunities with a foreign language.

Why Choose Criminology in Nigeria?

Studying criminology in Nigeria offers a unique perspective, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world challenges. The curriculum, enriched with diverse subjects, equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of crime.

FAQs about Criminology Studies in Nigeria

Q: What skills does a criminology student develop? A: Criminology students hone skills in communication, data analysis, and critical thinking, preparing them for diverse roles in crime prevention and criminal justice.

Q: How does geography play a role in criminology studies? A: Geography helps students understand the spatial patterns of crime, exploring the connections between crime and the social and environmental context.

Q: Is French proficiency beneficial in criminology? A: Yes, learning French expands research and career opportunities, providing a valuable skill for engaging with international perspectives in criminology.

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