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JAMB Subject Combination For Law In Unilag


Gaining admission to the prestigious law program at the University of Lagos (Unilag) requires a careful examination of the JAMB subject combination. These mandatory prerequisites are crucial for aspiring students:

  1. English Language: This is a must for all UTME candidates. It's not just about passing an exam; it's about developing strong communication skills. These skills are essential for legal analysis, persuasive argumentation, and masterful written expression.

  2. Literature-in-English: This subject goes beyond just reading stories. It sharpens your understanding of language, interpretation, and critical reflection. These skills are fundamental for comprehending complex legal texts and formulating convincing arguments.

  3. Two (2) Arts or Social Science subjects: Unilag offers flexibility here. You can choose subjects that align with your strengths and interests. Here are some options:

    • Government: Understanding political systems, legal frameworks, and contemporary affairs equips you to analyze and navigate the dynamic legal landscape with adeptness.

    • Economics: Knowledge of economic principles and their intricate interplay with legal issues empowers you to interpret complex economic regulations and their societal implications with profound clarity.

    • History: Grasping historical context and the evolution of legal systems furnishes you with invaluable perspective for comprehending contemporary legal principles and their dynamic development.

    • Sociology: Understanding social structures, interactions, and cultural dynamics aids in deciphering the human element behind legal issues and formulating impactful legal solutions.

    • CRS/IRS: This subject offers a robust foundation in ethical and moral values, crucial for navigating the intricate tapestry of ethical complexities inherent to the legal profession.

In simple terms, choose English and Literature for sure. Then, pick two from the flexible Arts or Social Science subjects, aligning with your strengths. Now, let's address some FAQs to guide you better.


Q1: Can I choose any Arts or Social Science subjects for Unilag's law program?

A1: Yes, you have flexibility in choosing. Pick subjects that align with your strengths and interests.

Q2: Why is Literature-in-English necessary for a law program?

A2: Literature sharpens your language, interpretation, and critical reflection skills, crucial for understanding legal texts and forming convincing arguments.

Q3: Is Economics a good choice for a future lawyer?

A3: Absolutely. Economic principles play a significant role in legal issues, and understanding them provides clarity on complex regulations and their societal implications.

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