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JAMB Subject Combination For Mechanical Engineering


If you're considering Mechanical Engineering at IMSU, it's essential to know the admission criteria. This article covers the cut-off mark, acceptance of two sittings, and general admission requirements.

Cut-Off Mark and Acceptance of Two Sittings

To qualify for Mechanical Engineering at IMSU, you must meet the stipulated cut-off mark. Additionally, IMSU accepts candidates with results from two sittings, making it accessible for those who may not have all their qualifications in one attempt.

General Admission Requirements

To be eligible, ensure you meet the following criteria:

  1. JAMB Subject Combination:
    • English Language (mandatory)
    • Mathematics (mandatory)
    • Physics (mandatory)
    • Chemistry (mandatory)

Meeting these subject requirements is crucial for a successful application.

FAQs about Studying Mechanical Engineering at IMSU:

  1. Does IMSU offer Mechanical Engineering?

    • Yes, IMSU provides Mechanical Engineering as part of its academic programs.
  2. What is the standard JAMB subject combination for Mechanical Engineering?

    • The required JAMB subjects are English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
  3. Is IMSU flexible with admission requirements?

    • IMSU allows candidates with results from two sittings to apply, providing flexibility for those who may not have all qualifications in one attempt.

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