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JAMB Subject Combination For Medical Laboratory Science

If you're eyeing a career in Medical Laboratory Science, getting your JAMB subject combination right is crucial. In this article, we'll guide you through the best subjects to choose for a successful admission into the program.

What is Medical Laboratory Science?

Medical Laboratory Science is all about running tests on body fluids, tissues, and other substances to gather crucial information about a patient's health. As a medical laboratory scientist, your role is to analyze specimens, interpret test results, and communicate findings to healthcare professionals.

The Ideal JAMB Subject Combination

Increase your chances of securing a spot in the Medical Laboratory Science program by opting for the following JAMB subject combination:

  1. English: Language skills are essential in any profession, including Medical Laboratory Science. Mastering English is crucial for effective communication in the field.

  2. Biology: Since Medical Laboratory Science deals with the human body and its intricacies, a strong foundation in biology is a must. This subject covers the basics of life sciences, providing you with essential knowledge.

  3. Chemistry: Understanding the composition and properties of substances is vital in laboratory science. Chemistry equips you with the necessary skills to work with different elements and compounds.

  4. Physics: Medical Laboratory Science involves various technical aspects, and physics plays a role in understanding the physical principles behind laboratory equipment and procedures.

Why This Combination?

These subjects collectively form a robust foundation for delving into Medical Laboratory Science. They cover key areas such as biology, chemistry, and physics, essential for grasping the principles and concepts crucial to the profession.

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Q1: Can I Choose Any Subjects for JAMB in Medical Laboratory Science? A1: It's advisable to stick to English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for the best chance of admission into the Medical Laboratory Science program.

Q2: Why is Biology Important for Medical Laboratory Science? A2: Biology is fundamental as it covers the basics of life sciences, providing essential knowledge about the human body—a key aspect of Medical Laboratory Science.

Q3: Do I Need Physics for Medical Laboratory Science? A3: Yes, physics is crucial in understanding the physical principles behind laboratory equipment and procedures involved in Medical Laboratory Science.


By opting for the recommended JAMB subject combination and understanding its importance, you're setting yourself on the right path for a successful journey into the fascinating world of Medical Laboratory Science.


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