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JAMB Subject Combination For Political Science

When aiming to study Political Science in Nigerian universities, picking the correct JAMB subject combination is a big deal. This decision can significantly impact your chances of getting into your dream institution. In this article, we'll demystify the JAMB subject combinations for Political Science and share insights into the top universities offering this program.

JAMB Subject Combination for Political Science: The JAMB subject combination for Political Science usually consists of four subjects. These are English Language, Government, and any two of Economics, History, Geography, and Literature in English. Let's break down the importance of each subject:

  1. English Language: English is a must for all JAMB candidates. It tests your English language skills, which are essential for success in any academic field.

  2. Government: Since Political Science focuses on the study of government and political systems, Government is a crucial subject. It assesses your understanding of political structures, theories, and governance principles.

  3. Economics: Economics lays the groundwork for comprehending societal structures, policies, and the economic aspects of political systems. Including Economics in your subjects shows a well-rounded approach to Political Science.

  4. History, Geography, or Literature in English: You get to choose between History, Geography, or Literature in English to showcase your interests. Each subject adds a unique perspective to Political Science, emphasizing different aspects of the field.

FAQs about JAMB Subject Combination for Political Science:

Q1: Can I choose any two subjects from Economics, History, Geography, and Literature in English?

Yes, you have the flexibility to pick any two subjects from this list based on your interests and strengths.

Q2: Is English Language really necessary for Political Science?

Absolutely! English Language is a core subject, and proficiency in it is crucial for success in your academic journey.

Q3: Are there specific universities known for their excellent Political Science programs in Nigeria?

Yes, some top universities offering outstanding Political Science programs include [insert university names].

Q4: Can I change my chosen subjects later on?

It's important to check with the specific university you're applying to, as policies may vary. Generally, JAMB subject combinations are fixed, so choose wisely from the start.


when preparing for JAMB and aspiring to study Political Science, make informed choices about your subject combination. This will not only enhance your chances of admission but also set a strong foundation for your academic journey in Political Science. Good luck!


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