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LASU Courses For Art Students


Lagos State University (LASU), nestled in the heart of vibrant Lagos, Nigeria, beckons aspiring artists to not just learn but to paint their creative spirit on its welcoming canvas. Let's dive into LASU's Faculty of Arts and explore the array of art courses that can fuel your passion and set ablaze your artistic journey.

Department of African Languages, Literatures and Communication Arts:

  • B.A. African Languages and Literatures: Immerse yourself in Africa's diverse languages and literary traditions. This program hones critical thinking and analytical skills.

  • B.A. Communication Arts: Focus on communication forms like mass media, journalism, advertising, and public relations. Acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience in media production.

Department of English:

  • B.A. English Language: Explore the English language in its diverse forms, spanning literature, linguistics, creative writing, and critical analysis.

  • B.A. English Literature: Dive into the rich world of English literature, from classics to contemporary works. Develop critical reading and writing skills while analyzing literary themes and genres.

Department of Foreign Languages:

  • B.A. French: Attain proficiency in French through language courses, cultural studies, and literature.

  • B.A. Spanish: Similar to the French program, focus on fluency and understanding of Spanish language, culture, and literature.

Department of History and International Studies:

  • B.A. History: Explore the past through different historical periods and regions, gaining insights into political, social, and cultural developments.

  • B.A. International Studies: Examine international relations, global politics, and contemporary world issues, preparing for careers in diplomacy and international organizations.

Department of Philosophy:

  • B.A. Philosophy: Delve into fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, morality, and society. Develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.

  • B.A. Peace Studies: Focus on understanding and resolving conflicts through peaceful means, exploring concepts like peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Department of Religions:

  • B.A. Christian Studies: Study the history, theology, and practices of Christianity, gaining a deep understanding of Christian thought and traditions.

  • B.A. Islamic Studies: Focus on Islamic theology, history, and practices, equipping with knowledge of Islamic thought and traditions.

Department of Theatre Arts and Music:

  • B.A. Theatre Arts: Explore various aspects of theatre and performance, including acting, directing, playwriting, and design. Specializations available in playwriting, directing, acting, and design and technical theatre.

  • B.A. Music: Comprehensive education in music theory, performance, and more.

Embark on your artistic journey at LASU, where creativity knows no bounds!


  1. How do I apply to LASU's Faculty of Arts?

    • Visit LASU's official website for admission details and requirements.
  2. Are there scholarships available for art students?

    • LASU offers various scholarships; check the scholarship portal for eligibility and application details.
  3. Can I pursue multiple specializations within a program?

    • LASU encourages specialization; discuss with academic advisors for personalized guidance.
  4. Is there a campus art club for students?

    • Yes, LASU fosters artistic communities; explore campus clubs for collaborative opportunities.

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