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LASU Subject Combination For International Relations

 Are you fascinated by global politics and the power of international cooperation? If so, Lagos State University’s (LASU) dynamic Department of International Relations is the perfect destination for you!

Before you embark on your journey to become a future diplomat, you need to tackle the mighty hurdle of JAMB, and choosing the right subject combination is crucial. This blog will be your guide to navigating this essential step.

Explore LASU's International Relations Program:

LASU’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations offers an immersive exploration of the captivating world of global affairs. The program covers international history, political theory, foreign policy analysis, and international security, honing your critical thinking and analytical skills.

With exceptional faculty boasting real-world experience, diverse study trips, and a dynamic learning environment, LASU prepares you to tackle global challenges and become a leader in our complex world.

JAMB Requirements:

  • English Language (compulsory)
  • Three other subjects chosen from: Mathematics, Economics, Government, History, Geography, and any other Social Science subject (Sociology, Linguistics, etc.)

Recommended Subject Combos:

  1. Classic Combo: English Language, Government, History, Economics

    Equip yourself with essential tools for navigating the international arena. Government provides the framework for understanding political systems, History offers context for current events, and Economics sheds light on global trade and resource allocation. This classic combination prepares you for diverse career paths in diplomacy, foreign policy, and international organizations.

  2. The Global Citizen’s Toolkit: English Language, Government, History, Geography

    Emphasizing the interconnectedness of our world, this combo provides a spatial understanding of international relations through Geography. Analyze global conflicts, migration patterns, and environmental challenges with a strong foundation in Government and History. Ideal for those passionate about sustainable development, human rights, and international cooperation.

  3. The Multilingual Maverick: English Language, Government, French/Spanish, History/Economics

    Add a layer of cultural and linguistic fluency to your skillset. Mastering a second language, like French or Spanish, opens doors to diplomatic missions, international business ventures, and regional organizations. Tailor your path by choosing History or Economics based on specific interests, specializing in areas like European affairs, Latin American development, or international trade negotiations.

FAQs About LASU's International Relations Program:

  1. Q: What makes LASU's International Relations program unique? A: LASU offers an immersive journey, exceptional faculty, and diverse study trips, preparing you to be a leader in global affairs.

  2. Q: Why is the recommended combo important? A: The recommended combos provide a well-rounded education, covering essential aspects of international relations, ensuring you are well-prepared for a variety of career paths.

  3. Q: How does language proficiency contribute to success in international relations? A: Mastering a second language enhances cultural understanding, facilitating effective communication in diplomatic missions, international business, and regional organizations.

  4. Q: Can I specialize in a specific area of international relations? A: Yes, by choosing History or Economics based on your interests, you can tailor your path to specialize in areas like European affairs, Latin American development, or international trade negotiations.

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