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List Of Art Courses Offered In OAU


Welcome to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), a distinguished federal institution nestled in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1961. OAU stands out for its diverse academic offerings, particularly in the realm of arts.

Faculty of Arts: Unveiling the Palette of Possibilities

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Religious Studies
  2. Philosophy
  3. English
  4. History
  5. Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish, Russian, Yoruba)
  6. Linguistics and African Languages
  7. Dramatic Arts
  8. Music

Diploma Programs:

  1. Foreign Languages
  2. Fine Arts
  3. Dramatic Arts
  4. Music

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Every department in the Faculty of Arts offers both Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Faculty of Environmental Design and Management: Crafting Tomorrow's Creators

Undergraduate Program:

  • Fine and Applied Arts

Additional Insights:

  • Some departments in the Faculty of Arts, such as Dramatic Arts and Linguistics and African Languages, extend their offerings to include sub-degree certificate and diploma programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What makes OAU's art programs unique? OAU stands out for its diverse array of art courses, allowing students to explore various artistic disciplines, from literature and linguistics to fine arts and music.

2. Can I pursue postgraduate studies in the arts at OAU? Absolutely! All departments in the Faculty of Arts offer advanced degrees, providing opportunities for further academic exploration and specialization.

3. Are there specialized programs within the Faculty of Arts? Yes, certain departments like Dramatic Arts and Linguistics and African Languages offer sub-degree certificate and diploma programs, adding depth to the educational experience.

4. Tell me more about OAU's history. Established in 1961, OAU has a long and esteemed history as a federal university in Nigeria, fostering academic excellence and cultural diversity.

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