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List Of Health Education Courses In Uniuyo


Are you considering a career in Health Education? The University of Uyo, situated in the vibrant South-South region of Nigeria, offers a variety of courses catering to your interests. From science to arts, education, and commerce, Uniuyo provides a diverse range of academic options.

1. Faculty of Education: Bachelor of Science (Education) in Physical & Health Education (B.Sc. Ed.)

This program is designed to prepare students for teaching Physical and Health Education at the secondary school level. The curriculum covers essential topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, First Aid, Fitness and Exercise, and Pedagogy.

2. Faculty of Clinical Sciences: Department of Community Health

While not specifically tailored for teaching, the courses offered in this department can be highly relevant to Health Education professionals. Some key subjects include Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Health Education and Communication, Community Nutrition, Reproductive Health, and Health Policy and Planning.

Additional Options:

  • Pre-Degree Programme in Health Education: This foundational program is ideal for students aspiring to pursue a degree in Health Education.

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Health Education: This postgraduate opportunity is designed for graduates in Health Education or related fields, aiming to deepen their knowledge in the field.

FAQs about Health Education Courses at Uniuyo:

Q1: Can I become a secondary school teacher with a degree in Physical & Health Education? A1: Absolutely! The B.Sc. Ed. program equips you with the necessary skills to teach Physical and Health Education in secondary schools.

Q2: Are there specialized courses for community health in Uniuyo? A2: Yes, the Department of Community Health offers courses in Epidemiology, Environmental Health, and more, focusing on public health and disease prevention.

Q3: Is there a postgraduate program for Health Education at Uniuyo? A3: Yes, the M.Ed. in Health Education is available for graduates looking to enhance their expertise in the field.

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