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OAU Direct Entry School Fees (2024/2025)


As students embark on the journey of higher education, understanding the financial aspects becomes paramount. In this article, we'll delve into the OAU Direct Entry School Fees for the upcoming academic session (2024/2025) and provide insights into the fee structure at various universities.

1. Acceptance Fee:

For those aspiring to join OAU through the Direct Entry route, the acceptance fee is a crucial initial step. Set at N20,000, this fee secures a spot at OAU and is payable upon admission.

2. Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees vary based on the chosen program of study. For most Direct Entry programs, the tuition falls within the range of N100,000 to N150,000 per session.

3. Accommodation:

OAU offers accommodation options for its students, and the hostel accommodation fee ranges from approximately N20,000 to N30,000 per session. It's essential to factor in this cost for a comfortable stay on campus.

4. Other Fees:

In addition to acceptance and tuition fees, there are other miscellaneous fees to consider. These may include registration fees, medical fees, and library fees. The total amount for these additional fees can vary, so it's advisable to check with the university for specific details.

FAQs - Clearing Doubts:

Q1: When is the deadline for paying the acceptance fee? A: The acceptance fee should be paid upon admission to secure your spot. Be sure to check the official university communication for specific deadlines.

Q2: Are there any scholarship opportunities for Direct Entry students at OAU? A: OAU may offer various scholarship programs. Check the university's scholarship office or website for information on available opportunities and eligibility criteria.

Q3: Can students opt for off-campus accommodation? A: Yes, students have the option to explore off-campus accommodation. However, it's essential to consider factors like proximity, safety, and cost.

Q4: Are there installment payment options for tuition fees? A: Some universities, including OAU, may provide installment payment plans for tuition fees. Contact the university's finance department for details on available payment options.

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