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Subject Combination For Law In OAU


Are you dreaming of a future in International Relations, where you can shape global perspectives and contribute to diplomatic conversations? If so, the right foundation is key. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) offers two primary JAMB subject combinations tailored for aspiring scholars in the field of International Relations. Let's dive into the details in simple English.

1. Mathematics + Choose Two from the Following:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Government
  • Geography
  • Literature in English
  • French (an invaluable bonus!)

Remember, English Language is a must for both combinations.

2. English Language + Economics + Literature in English + Choose One from:

  • Geography
  • Government
  • History

English Language is a compulsory subject for both combinations, forming the backbone of effective communication in the realm of International Relations.

Why These Combinations?

  1. Diverse Skill Set: Mathematics equips you with analytical skills, crucial in understanding global economic trends. Pairing it with subjects like Economics, History, Government, Geography, Literature in English, or even French, broadens your skill set, making you a well-rounded International Relations enthusiast.

  2. Language Proficiency: English is the universal language of diplomacy. Mastering it, along with Literature in English, ensures you can articulate ideas and understand the nuances of international discourse.

  3. Understanding Societies: Subjects like Economics, Geography, Government, and History provide insights into the economic, political, and social dynamics of different societies. This knowledge is essential for anyone navigating the complex landscape of international relations.

FAQs - Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Why is French considered a bonus? A: French is an official language in many international organizations, making it a valuable asset for individuals pursuing careers in diplomacy and international affairs.

Q: Can I choose all three subjects from the second combination? A: No, you need to choose one subject from Geography, Government, or History to complement English Language, Economics, and Literature in English.

Q: Is Mathematics really necessary for International Relations? A: While not mandatory, Mathematics enhances your analytical and problem-solving skills, providing a strong foundation for understanding economic aspects of international relations.

In conclusion, OAU's JAMB subject combinations for International Relations pave the way for a comprehensive understanding of global dynamics. Choose wisely, excel in your studies, and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a proficient international relations scholar.

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