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University Of Ibadan Postgraduate Grading System (2024)

 Are you aspiring to earn a postgraduate degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan (UI)? Understanding the grading system is crucial for effective academic planning. Let's unravel the intricacies of UI's postgraduate grading system as of 2024.

Understanding the Grading System Transition: 7-Point to 4-Point Scale

In the academic year 2016-2017, UI transitioned from a 7-point grading system to a more streamlined 4-point scale for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This system employs letter grades, each corresponding to specific grade points:

  • A (Excellent): 70-100% (4.00 points)
  • B (Very Good): 60-69% (3.00 points)
  • C (Good): 50-59% (2.00 points)
  • D (Pass): 45-49% (1.00 points)
  • E (Fail): Below 45% (0.00 points)

Interpreting Grades and Classifications

However, grades alone don't provide the complete picture. UI employs the following classifications based on your overall Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA):

  • First Class Honours: CGPA of 3.50-4.00
  • Second Class Honours (Upper Division): CGPA of 3.00-3.49
  • Second Class Honours (Lower Division): CGPA of 2.00-2.99
  • Pass: CGPA of 1.00-1.99
  • Fail: CGPA below 1.00

Program-Specific Variations

While the 4-point system serves as the general framework, it's essential to note that certain programs may have specific interpretations or additional requirements. Always refer to your program brochure or handbook for precise details regarding:

  • Minimum passing grade: Some programs might set a higher minimum passing grade than the university's D (45-49%).
  • Course-specific weightage: Courses may carry varying credit weights, influencing your overall CGPA calculation.
  • Additional assessments: Certain programs may include projects, presentations, or research components beyond traditional exams, impacting your final grade.

FAQs: Navigating UI's Postgraduate Grading System

Q1: What is the minimum passing grade at UI? A: While the general passing grade is D (45-49%), some programs may have a higher minimum passing grade.

Q2: How does the CGPA classification work? A: CGPA classifications range from First Class Honours (3.50-4.00) to Fail (below 1.00), providing a comprehensive evaluation of academic performance.

Q3: Are there program-specific variations in grading? A: Yes, it's crucial to consult your program brochure for details on minimum passing grades, course weights, and additional assessments.

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